Thursday, October 1, 2015

Favorite places - Café Fleury and Tegeler See

Berlin ist a city full of nice cafés, but this one is the one I like best. Nice french tartes! Café Fleury, Weinbergsweg in Berlin-Mitte

Every time I go to my studio I have to stop on the bridge for this beautiful view over the Tegeler See (Borsigdamm, Lake Tegel):

"Favorite Places" - Berlin Heinrichplatz

I like this vivid square in Berlin Kreuzberg with it´s almost "French" atmosphere very much. /
Diesen lebendigen Platz mit seiner beinahe französischen Atmosphäre mag ich sehr gerne.

The last right page of the booklet

"Your City - Your Story" - Das Reichstagsgebäude / The Reichstag Building

Here in the Reichstag building lives "Karlchen Adler",
the little eagle character I draw for the German parliament, the "Deutsche Bundestag".