Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Bon Appétit! - Birthday cakes

To the "Kaffeetrinken" (coffee drinking) the family meets relatives in birthdays or holidays like easter sunday, or in the afternoon friends meet in the café or at home. Besides, it plays no role whether coffee, tea or cocoa is drunk, however, cakes or biscuits are always present.

My sister celebrated her birthday and had baked these wonderful cakes.

Blueberry-Tarte, cranberry-cheesecake and chocolate muffins

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Bon appetit! - German food on cold days

A yummy, a tasty, a delicious sketchbook! I like the drawings very much which I've seen in that book.
Today it's a snowy winter day in Berlin, so we like to have a solid stew. This one is with Wirsingkohl (savoy), Kartoffeln (potatoes), Möhren (carrots), Zwiebel (onion) and Wiener Würstchen (sausages). A bit of cayenne pepper, Muskatnuss (nutmeg), herbs and cream - and you're getting warmer.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

"People in motion"

The drawings I made last summer in Omar's sketchbook. People at the underground station and in a shopping center.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

"Your city - your story"

The first drawings in my sketchbook "Your city - your story".

The balcony and stairway to the garden in my parents house in Berlin. Memories of my childhood and the summer holidays...

The next drawing shows the Bösebrücke, the bridge wich connects West-Berlin with East-Berlin. My family and I live in West-Berlin, my relativs in the East. This is an urgent point in my family history.

And finally the registry office, where I got married to my husband.

All the text I wrote to the drawings you can find in an english translation in the little bag at the end of the Moleskine. It would be nice, if you do the same, when you get this book. Please tell us about your own private story in Tel Aviv! Which places are urgent to you?

Favorite Places - The Admiralbrücke • Detlef

The Admiralbrücke over the Landwehrkanal in Berlin-Kreuzberg.
A meeting point or people from all over the world. Vivid, relaxed and bit chaotic. The neighbors are not very amused...

Saturday, January 9, 2016

A walk in the flea market - Drawings by Marina & Nathan

I post myself Marina and Nathan's drawings because I did the scans before I sent them to Germany… Here are the drawings they did in Jaffa in my sketchbook "Flea Market".

Marina drew here a typical scene in Jaffa's flea market where the sellers are playing backgammon and arguing about the same stories from the last 30 years they've known each other… Best way to spend the time waiting for clients !
Nathan's first sketch was a mistake… but a nice one ! I thought each one draws his own subject in all the sketchbooks.
Never mind, the beach in Jaffa is not very far from the flea market, so let's say that after you did a tour in the flea market, it's nice to stop and have a rest at the beach !
Here Nathan sketched a typical old painting and frames shop.
On the left, you can see big natural sea sponges and cosmetics coming from the dead sea !

Then, I decided to glue funny staff I found in the market in the verso of the sketchbook. My idea was to creat a mess - a "balagan" as they say in hebrew - of faces and objects. A multitude of small and quick drawings or elements made by the 6 sketchers… Here, Nathan got very excited as you can see, please keep on filling this messy area if possible !

Thursday, January 7, 2016

People in Motion - Winter´s day in Berlin-Mitte • Detlef

A cold snowy Winter´s day in Berlin-Mitte.

People are hurrying to get inside one of the warm cozy cafés around and have a "Latte Macchiato" ...

Omar´s sketchbook: "People in Motion"

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Drawing in Marina's sketchbooks

Food is easy, there are many places I could draw, so I went to my favorite market and try to draw sausages or how sausages are made. They were not preparing sausages at the moment, but I draw the counter with their products.
Butcher shop