Tuesday, July 19, 2016

"Your city - your story" from Marina and Nathan

Katrin's book is full!

Last week I invited my friend Nathan to meet in Tel Aviv and to try to fill our entries.

As we do some sketching projects together, Nathan and I meet very often, almost always in Tel Aviv, so my story of Tel Aviv naturally includes... Nathan ;)
We started our meeting with a good plate of humus, sitting at on of the corners of the HaCarmel Market in Tel Aviv.
 Here I captured one of the streets near the market, were you can still meet old professions, like this shoemaker, repairing shoes and bags on the street:
 Here are Nathan's entries, he sketched... me! eating the humus ;)
 and another character from the same street - the barber taking a rest and drinking some coffee.
The sketchbook is coming with me to Manchester, where I'm going to give it to Omar.


  1. Nathan has been very nasty with you Marina, you don't look so greedy when you eat Humous usually ! So funny, he probably wanted to get some revenge from your drawing of him !

  2. yep, but for what? I drew him as a very handsome man!