Friday, February 9, 2018

My favorite places • Aurore

To fill up the sketchbook of Detlef with the subject "My favorite places" I choose first to draw the southern entry of the old city of Yafo (or Jaffa in arabic). My gallery is located just behind this line of buildings and this is the view I see whenever I go to do my shift in the studio. Each time, it reminds me of the chance I have to be in such a beautiful environment, so inspiring for a urban sketcher !

This old city was first buid by the Ottoman empire and the stairs we see on the sketch divide in 2 parts the old city. It seems to me to be a bit large and "royal" path for the small amount of streets that are around. Each street has the name of an astrological sign, it means that there are more or less only 12 streets in the historical part of Tel Aviv.

For the second sketch, I went in a fancy bar restaurant called the Kandinof House, on the other side of the old city, still in Jaffa. This place seems to be a patio that had been covered with glass and a sort of metal design that makes a contrast with the original arabic architecture. I like this place very much, we eat well, we can drink at the bar… But they also created different spaces and corners inside rooms and whatever it is where they exhibit art, host lectures or artistic events. A place to be in contact with maybe for a future exhibition of our common project !

Detlef's sketchbook is now in the hand of Marina, who will pass it on to Nathan. Again, I am sorry for the delay ! Aurore

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