Friday, November 13, 2015

A walk in the flea market

Here is the subject of the sketchbook I have started for our exchange !

Let me introduce myself a little bit… I am a french graphic designer & illustrator from Paris. Since I married an Israeli, I have been living this past 8 years in Jaffa (you can say as well Yafo, the pretty), south part of Tel Aviv and also where take place the ancient port (2500 years old !), the old city and the flea market. I love to draw my neighborhood and I keep on finding inspiration after 8 years… I thought that it might be funny to compare our flea markets in Jaffa and in Berlin !

The Moleskine that has been sent by Omar has been lost on the way to Israel, so we are doing our own handmade sketchbooks… A good excuse to have fun as well on the covers !

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  1. Jaffa's flea market is one of my favorite places for sketching and hanging out! Your sketches are real celebration of colors and textures - as the place itself, love them!