Sunday, November 29, 2015

Bon Appétit ! Souk ha Carmel

Here is what I did for Marina's sketchbook about the food in Israel.
Souk Ha Carmel (The Carmel Market) is a very famous market in the center of Tel Aviv, a whole street full of israeli specialities… of course fruits and vegetable but also spices and cakes, olives, cheese… etc.

This woman has a very bad caractere and tourists always want to take pictures of her with her colorful spices and olives… She send them away in the worse way possible. Happily she didn't objected when I stood for a while on the other side of the alley. I took notes with my pencil and then I did the coloring a bit further, somewhere I know I can sit with a glace of wine!

And here is what I miss the most when I am not in Israel, it's not the houmous or the falafel… it's the fresh juices ! My top 3 is mix orange-carot juice, apple-carot and pomegranate-orange. Full vitamin set to spend an healthy day !


  1. This is yummy! I'm also in love with colorful local spices and fresh squeezed juices! Magnificent entries!