Saturday, November 28, 2015

Bon Appetit!

I always say that "food, drink & sketching" is my perfect happiness' formula. So, the theme of my sketchbook is "Local food and drink". Food defines a lot the character of the place, the local culture and tradition. Food connects people, always come together with nice conversations, laugh, emotions. I love sketch people that are busy by eating and drinking - they are great models!
the cover of my sketchbook
Humus is probably the food identified with Israel the most. This place with an excellent humus in the middle of the Jaffa's flea market was a perfect place for my first sketch (and yummy humus, of course!)
Fish and a lot of delicious salads - are the specials of another very famous place in Jaffa called "The Old Man and the Sea". The bright blue sea at the horizon is a perfect decoration of the restaurant.

Can't wait to see your delicious entries - Bon Appetit!

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